Joe Budden Responds to Summer Walker’s Billboard Awards Criticism

Joe Budden has expressed his opinion on the thoughts of Summer Walker following Doja Cat’s night of success at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. Following Doja’s tremendous success at the event where she won all available awards in the R&B category, R&B singer, Summer Walker took to her socials to give her opinion about Doja’s BBMA awards.

Joining their voices to hundreds of others on the net who have repeatedly questioned the inclusion of Doja Cat under R&B category in major awards, Summer and her boyfriend Lvrd Pharoh were the least thrilled about the rapper’s success.

In what initially looked like an expression of hurt at a perceived unfairness to his girlfriend, Pharoh took to instagram to ask for an explanation from the Billboard as to how an artist who only has “one R&B song ever” could have cleared all the awards in the Category. While acknowledging Doja’s talent in another post, Pharoh insisted that the right thing must be done regardless of who is involved.

Joe Budden Responds To Summer Walker'S Billboard Awards Criticism, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

Perceived as an ill-thought outburst, Joe Budden has now taken to his podcast to call out Summer Walker and her boyfriend. Budden remarked that while Summer is well within her rights to express the reservations about Doja’s wins, her repeated support of rumours on social media makes it look like she’s sulking. Expressing his support for Summer’s opinion, Budden explained that at times awards are given out based on connection, and that Doja Cat appears to be more connected in the R&B world that Summer.

Watch the clip below:


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