Joe Rogan Responds To Spotify’s Disclaimer On Podcasts

Joe Rogan has been the centre of attention for a minute now for the alleged misinformation his podcasts are sharing with the public.

The former television host and American podcaster who has had a pretty successful career so far have recently come under fire from different angles for the impact his recent interviews on COVID-19 may have on his teeming number of listeners and the public in general.

Some great artists have even taken it to a different length by pushing buttons that had their music removed from Spotify, the same streaming service platform that plays host to Joe’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”.

In reaction to all that has been happening, Joe has said that none of what is going on is intended. He said the point of his podcasts was to have great conversations that would serve as a form of entertainment. In addition to that, the podcast host said that information about COVID continues to evolve by the day, expressing his confusion on the “misinformation” word being frequently used. He also said he is a big fan of Niel Young, the 60s artiste that had his music taken down, and that he had no bad blood in him for the singer.

Above all, he co-signs Spotify’s intention to start a COVID-19 podcast hub responsible for dispersing correct information. A disclaimer for podcasts advises everyone to stick to professional advise regardless of what podcasts they listen to. This has Joe going, “Sure. Have it on there. I’m very happy with that”.

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