John Leguizamo & Princess Nokia Talk NYC Culture, New EP & More On The Daily Show

Princess Nokia appeared on The Daily Show with special host John Leguizamo, where she discussed her new EP “i love you but this is goodbye,” her upbringing in New York City, and her influences as an MC, rapper, and actress. Leguizamo also questioned Princess Nokia about the infamous soup-throwing incident, which she had never previously addressed publicly.

“i love you but this is goodbye,” released earlier this month by Arista Records, has garnered positive reviews from critics and demonstrates Princess Nokia’s ability to blend pop and alt-electronica with the breakbeats of her debut album, “Metallic Butterfly.” The EP covers themes of love, loss, heartbreak, and healing and has been characterized as the genre-bending artist’s musical breakthrough.

Princess Nokia also discussed how growing up in New York City influenced her art, and she named John Leguizamo and Martin Lawrence her greatest influences. Her appearance on The Daily Show gave viewers an exclusive look into her personal life and creative process. Watch below:

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