Jordin Sparks Gets A Plaque For Writing Ariana Grandé’s “The Way” Which Has Now Sold 2 Million Units

Jordin Sparks is getting her songwriting flowers and we’re here for it!

If you are of the opinion that all artistes pen their own lyrics, you may want to have a rethink, because many actually don’t, and in many cases the songwriters pulling the real strings behind the scenes fail to get the recognition they deserve, but so is not the case with the talented singer-songwriter, Jordin Sparks.

Back in May 2020, Jordin opened up about a huge hit she had penned for Ariana Grandé, which helped catapult the singer’s music career. The 30-year-old singer disclosed that she co-wrote the 2013 track, “The Way”, featuring the late Mac Miller.

“Here’s something you might not know about me…I wrote ‘The Way’ w/ @sevyn & @igetpoints to an amazing track made by @harmonysamuels and inspired by Big Pun and @therealjoethomas song, ‘Still Not A Player.’ (IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO JOE IS YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON AMAZING R&B IN YOUR LIFE!),” Jordin wrote on Instagram.

The song, according to her, was initially meant for her third album. Now, the same song has garnered 2 million units in sales, making it a double-platinum record. Celebrating the recent win, the singer posted a video on Instagram of her holding up her plaque. Check it out below:

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