Jorja Smith Releases Confident New Track “Try Me”

Not everyone is confident about their powers, artistic or not. But we have to give it to Jorja Smith as one singer who knows what she is made of and is never afraid to advertise the same. Whether the public buys into her verdict of herself and her abilities is a different conversation altogether.

When a musician – or anyone for that matter – declaims “try me,” there is that unmistakable air of challenge tossed out there, and that’s beside the confidence latent in the phrase itself. The songstress knows herself enough to throw the challenge to anyone who would listen.

Jorja Alice Smith is an English-born singer and songwriter who grew up in the Midlands. Since discovering she could sing, it’s been a fierce push to get to the top. And while she is not exactly “there” yet. she has shown and continues to show that she is one musician worth keeping an eye on.

Her latest offering is a testament to her creative spirit and a reason to keep an eye on her yet. She’s only just getting started, and we can’t wait to see her in full flower. Until then, you’re welcome to luxuriate in the orbit of what she has just created. Come on!

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