Josh2funny Blends Comedy And Music In “1 Million Dollar”

Josh2funny - 1 Million Dollar

Sensational Josh2funny, a Nigerian comedian, singer, and performer, has delighted his fans with a brand-new fantastic single titled “1 million dollar.” Josh2funny won’t stop “being Funny,” as his latest release is nothing short of a combination of music and comedy aimed at passing a message but with humor.

Josh2Funny Blends Comedy And Music In &Quot;1 Million Dollar&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024

The jam is quite hilarious no jokes, but the jokes asides, the musical composition, vocals, and general track arrangement are pretty commendable as he explains that he is tired of being broke and acknowledges his “laziness” but has no intention of working towards wealth except by “praying to pick one million dollars for ground.”

It is assumed that the superstar is trying to pass a message to those who would not try to strive for a living, would consistently complain about their quality of life, but would instead “pray” for a change without making an effort.

The funny skit-maker and stand-up comedian has made it routine over the years to cover trending songs in his humorous style as he blends comedy with his musical prowess. This track, though, is an original concept, and, astonishingly, the way is this excellent and funny -especially his delivery. The track has been made available on major streaming platforms and sites.

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