Jussie Smollett Opens Up About His Jail Experience In “Thank You God” Song

Jussie Smollett is breaking the silence with his new single, “Thank You God”.

Jussie Smollett has chosen to spill his emotions through his art, one of the best if not the best way to vent. The Empire actor, on Friday, April 8th, announced the release of his latest single, “Thank You God”, which is now available on streaming platforms. In addition, the actor also said that 100% of proceeds from the song would be going to various charitable organizations.

“It’s like they’re hell-bent on not solving the crime / Taking out the elements of race and trans and homophobia that’s straight taking lives / But turn around and act like I’m the one that killed the strides / Maybe we stick together,” Smollet rhymes in the snippet shared to his feed.

“I can’t be mad / Take my ego out / Some people searching for fame / Some people chasing that clout / Just remember this, this ain’t that situation / You think I’m stupid enough to kill my reputation?”

On an intro slide Smollett wrote, “Channeling these thoughts the best way I know how. Love you… – Jussie.” And according to Radar Online, the actor was lucky to get an early release from jail last month after posting a $150K bond exiting the building only six days into his 150-day-long sentence.

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