Just Blaze Disputes The Claim That He And Kanye Were Rivals During The Roc-A-Fella Era

One of the most well-known producers in Hip Hop has taken the time to sit down and lead fans through the pinnacles of his career. Many of our favorite timeless singles were produced by Just Blaze, who established his career while working as a producer for Roc-a-Fella Records. Early in the new millennium, Blaze and Kanye West both contributed to the development of the “Chipmunk Soul” genre.

It was not surprising since Ye had before stated that he and Just Blaze frequently competed as they were two of the major forces at the moment. On the People’s Party podcast, Blaze spoke with Talib Kweli about the remark and other topics. The legendary Black Star musician wanted to participate in Blaze’s “Blueprint Era,” which prompted the super-producer to discuss West’s comments.

“Some people like to spin the narrative that, ‘Oh, they were super competitive, they were out there duking it out,'” said Blaze. “I never, I honestly never looked at it like that. Like, he would call me to ask me, ‘Yo, how did you get your horns to sound like this on this record, I’m trying to figure that out,’ right?”

He claimed that West would hear what he was doing and give suggestions on how to flip a sample to improve it. Watch the video below to see more of Just Blaze’s remarks.

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