Justin Bieber Appreciates Tems’ “Ice T” Song In Cute Video

Tems is a key figure in the Nigerian music scene, progressively gaining international recognition. Justin Bieber and other prominent figures in the global music industry have taken notice of Tems in particular. Bieber recently posted a video to his Instagram Story where he used Tems’ “Ice T” from her debut EP, For Broken Years, as a background song. Choosing that song for an IG Story post indicates that Bieber enjoys the music and is a big fan of the Afrobeats princess.

He also further used Tems’ official Instagram handle to express his admiration for the Nigerian music icon. The success of a Nigerian artist on the international stage is not new. Several Nigerian musicians have entered the international spotlight in recent years. Without a doubt, this requires effort and commitment. To get their music noticed by a global audience, artists have had to put a lot of effort into everything from using social media platforms to promote their music to forming connections with international stars.

But, Tems’ success story is particularly noteworthy. Her music is a blend of classic afro-fusion and soulful, funky afrobeats. The genre fusion has enthralled the world’s audience, as evidenced by Justin Bieber’s recent post. Tems is also expected to release her debut album later this year, so it’s only up from here for the superstar.

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