Justin Bieber Interviews Wife Hailey For Vogue Australia ; Talks About Her Vision In Emotional Interview

Hailey Bieber has gained notoriety thanks to her company Rhode Skin. As a result of the publicity, her pop star husband, Justin Bieber, interviewed her for Vogue Magazine to learn more about her goals and vision.

The pop sensation had a lengthy interview for the magazine’s issue alongside his stunning wife, Hailey Bieber, who just graced the cover of Vogue Australia. First, the writing on the cover features a stunning image of her with the phrase “Let there be light.”

To open the interview, and after Justin Bieber’s “I love you, baby” comment, they started discussing the brand’s origins. Hailey replied, “The moment someone approaches me and tells me how much they appreciate the brand and the product is the most satisfying for me.” She also said, “‘less is more’ is my style and aesthetic mission statement in general.”

Hailey Bieber discussed what happens when things don’t turn out as planned. “Be at peace with the unforeseen events,” she said. “With anything in life, there are ups and downs, and so many ups.”

Justin Bieber Interviews Wife Hailey For Vogue Australia ; Talks About Her Vision In Emotional Interview, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024

She is surrounded by other businesspeople in her orbit and recognizes their value as an inspiration and source of support. “Having that support and the ability to have open discussions about the highs and lows of brand growth has been good for me,” She said while implying that her husband and her friends have been solidly behind her.

When Justin asked her what her worst fashion regret was, he almost instantly read the question aloud and mentioned a particular occasion when she wore a pink dress.

Hailey went into more detail. “I feel like I have a lot, but the first thing that comes to me right now is that a few years ago, I thought the pink vest dress I wore, which had a boxy appearance, would be the loveliest thing ever. So I wore it, and when I saw the pictures afterward, it did appear as though I was inside a box. It was awful that I appeared to be a gift.”


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