K Camp Ignites The Hip Hop Scene With New EP, Announces Exciting Multi-City Tour

"Spin the Block" EP Launch and "Buss Down" Video Release Marks a New Chapter for the Atlanta-based Hip Hop Sensation

Atlanta’s hip hop sensation, K Camp, is once again making waves in the music industry with the release of his much-anticipated EP, “Spin the Block,” and the unveiling of his latest music video for the track “Buss Down.” Both the EP and the video are available now, marking a significant milestone in the artist’s career.

The six-track EP features songs that highlight K Camp’s unique style and undeniable talent. Tracks like “Even Steven,” “Wifi Pt. 2,” “Spin the Block,” “New Season Marni,” “Buss Down,” and “5%” are set to redefine the rap scene, offering fans a fresh and exciting musical experience.

In addition to the EP release, K Camp has also announced a multi-city tour, aptly named after his new EP. Known for his high-energy performances, K Camp is set to bring the same vibrancy and dynamism to the “Spin the Block” tour. Tickets are already on sale, promising fans an unforgettable live music experience.

K Camp’s previous “Pretty Ones” tour was a resounding success, with sold-out shows in nearly every city. The release of “Buss Down” and “Spin the Block” further cements K Camp’s status as a rising star in the hip hop scene, demonstrating his ability to juggle multiple successful projects simultaneously.

The artist shared his excitement about the new EP and the upcoming tour with his fans, expressing his gratitude for their support. He revealed that all the songs on the EP will be accompanied by videos, adding another layer of anticipation for his fans.

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The “Buss Down” video, in particular, is a visual treat, showcasing K Camp’s dynamic stage presence and electrifying performance style. The video perfectly encapsulates the essence of the song, which is all about embracing the moment and living life to the fullest.

K Camp’s music is known for its energetic and swagger-filled sound, and the new EP, “Spin the Block,” delivers on this signature style. Each track showcases K Camp’s lyrical skills and musical talent, further solidifying his position in the hip hop world.

As hip hop continues to evolve, K Camp stands out with his unique style and fresh perspective. His success is a reflection of his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft. With the release of “Spin the Block,” the “Buss Down” video, and the announcement of a new tour, K Camp continues to push the boundaries of the genre, proving that he is a true innovator in the world of hip hop.


Date City, State
6/16 Houston, TX
6/18 Las Vegas, NV (residency)
6/29 Garden Grove, CA
6/30 Phoenix, AZ
7/6 Louisville, KY
7/7 Jackson, MS
7/8 Little Rock, AR
7/12 Nashville, TV
7/14 Chicago, IL
7/16 Las Vegas, NV (residency)
7/20 New York, NY
7/21 Worcester, MA
7/22 Hartford, CT
7/23 Silver Spring, MD
7/26 Raleigh, NC
7/27 Myrtle Beach, SC
7/29 Panama City, FL

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