Kamaiyah Announces Release Date For New Album “Figuring Out My Emotions”

Kamaiyah has announced her upcoming album, Figuring Out My Emotions, which will be released on Friday, May 17. This album, which Kamaiyah is executive producing, promises a more intimate collection of songs compared to her previous work. Kamaiyah has described the album as reflecting her personal growth and experiences, showcasing a more vulnerable side to her artistry. Fans can expect a deeper connection to the artist through the emotional depth of the lyrics and production of Figuring Out My Emotions.

The lead single, “No Pressure,” addresses serious subject matter while maintaining a slick Bay Area sound. The album will feature a concise tracklist of eight songs and does not list any featured artists, although Kamaiyah has a history of collaborating with West Coast peers like 03 Greedo and Jay Worthy. In a recent interview with KQED, Kamaiyah shared her approach to releasing music, emphasizing the need to consistently engage listeners in today’s fast-paced music industry. She also expressed her desire to showcase her growth as an artist and connect with fans on a deeper level through her music. Kamaiyah’s dedication to authenticity and storytelling shines through in her latest project, promising a compelling and personal listening experience for fans, old and new.

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