Fivio Foreign Reveals How Kanye Actually Wanted Jay-Z On “City Of Gods”.

Kanye West Lacked The Patience To Put Jay-Z On "City Of Gods"

“City Of Gods” has beautiful renditions from Kanye West, Fivio Foreign, and Alicia Keys, and it also pays homage to New York City. The three heavyweights delivered what they were expected to on that song, which is still enjoying massive airplay across the globe, and continuing to lift Fivio higher in his rap career. It would only be right that he would want to talk about a few unknown fun facts regarding the creation of the track.

Fivio was a recent guest on Complex Brackets with Brian “B. Dot” Miller, where he discussed one of Kanye’s wishes for the song. According to Fivio, the initial plan was to bring Jay-Z on the song, but the usual Kanye that has no chill whatsoever, decided that it was going to be just himself, Fivio, and Keys.

“I had the skeleton of it, I had the beat and Ye was like, ‘Yo, this shit is so fire. We going to get Hov on it and we going to go crazy.’ He’s like, ‘Yo, I’m going to get Alicia Keys to sing it,’” said Fivio. “But he wanted it out so fast. He’s like, ‘Yo, I’ma just do a verse.’ So he did the verse, got Alicia Keys on it, she ate that shit up, easy. She different.”

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