Kanye West Under Fire For selling Yeezy Gap Clothing Collection Out Of “Garbage Bags”

Kanye West is facing severe flak – again, this time, though, the “Donda” rapper is being criticised for selling his Yeezy Gap collection from what appears like trash bags.

So are the things he’s selling trash?

An unimpressed fan had sparked a debate after he shared a picture of Yeezy merchandise in garbage bags in a Gap store. One fan tried to compare Ye and Balenciaga using the homeless as fashion muses, ultimately noting that’s the problem with billionaires.

The person who posted the image claimed that the clothes were initially on hangers, but Ye got made when he found out. He wanted the merchandise in those sacks. She also claimed that store attendants wouldn’t help anyone find their sizes too. Those who want to buy would have to sort through the “garbage pile” themselves.

Kanye West Under Fire For Selling Yeezy Gap Clothing Collection Out Of &Quot;Garbage Bags&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, February 23, 2024

For whatever reason, the decision to have the merchandise on those bags has snapped the attention of many on social media. And while some find the decision amusing, some think Kanye West is taking things too far.

Last we checked, the controversial music producer-turned-fashion designer has not responded to the criticism about his decision to have his Yeezy merchandise in garbage bags. Would he ever respond?

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