Kanye West’s Associates Disagree On Possible Trip to Moscow

Has Kanye West any plan of traveling to the Russian Federation and possibly meeting the country’s president? Associates of the “Donda” rapper are unable to agree on a possible trip.

A recent report by Billboard indicated that the rapper will be traveling to Moscow, where he would hold a Sunday service, as well as talk business and, if possible, meet President Putin.

An associate of West Ameer Sudan had noted that the songster was planning a trip with his lawyer Scott Balber.

Sudan might be positive about a trip to Moscow and even a meeting with President Putin, but Pierre Rougier, a PR rep for West, dismissed a potential trip as nothing but a stuff of fiction.

With neither of West reps agreeing on a possible trip to Moscow, it would be interesting to see if the rapper will eventually make the trip – and if he will end up meeting the country’s president.

Russia and the United States are not in the best relationship right now thanks in part to the unfolding conflict in Ukraine. The United States government has advised its citizens not to travel to Russia as a result.

But then, knowing West, if he wants to travel, he will.

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