Kanye West’s Donda Academy Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Dietary Restrictions and Race Discrimination

Lawsuit Alleges Racial Discrimination, Health Code Violations, and Bizarre School Rules

Kanye West’s Donda Academy is embroiled in another scandal, this time over a complaint brought by two Black women who claim they were fired because of their race. According to TMZ, the ladies reportedly allege they were fired for reporting violations of education, safety, and health codes to authorities.

The lawsuit, which does not specify the amount requested, claims that the only lunch option accessible to students at the institution is sushi, which is served every day. Except for water, students are apparently not permitted to bring outside food or drink. The lawsuit cites multiple infractions, including the sushi issue.

Kanye West’s refusal to allow classes on the second floor owing to his fear of stairs and a prohibition on jewelry because West dislikes it are other alleged. According to the lawsuit, students and professors were not permitted to sit in seats, forcing them to use foam cushions, stools, or stand throughout classes.

Furthermore, the plaintiffs claim that pupils were obliged to dress in all black, with Nike and Adidas footwear absolutely prohibited. It is also stated that pupils were locked outside during the school day and were not permitted to come home until the bell rang.

The ladies suing say they were shorted up to $2,700 per check, per pay period.

This is the rapper, producer, and entrepreneur’s newest legal fight. Dora Szilagyi, a former Yeezy assistant, filed a $275,000 breach of contract claim against West on March 31. Szilagyi claims that in June 2021, she was hired as the Director of Product Innovation for the Yeezy brand and was requested to leave her job at Adidas to work full-time for West. She claims she was offered a $275,000 severance package if she was fired without cause after September 2021.

Szilagyi, on the other hand, claims she never received the promised severance payout when she was fired in mid-December 2021. According to TMZ, Szilagyi believes West and his firm never planned to honor the severance agreement, instead using it as a bribe to draw her away from Adidas.

While Kanye West deals with these legal issues, the future of Donda Academy remains uncertain, and the public awaits a reaction from the musician.

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