Kelly Clarkson Describes The Pressure Of Assuming The Timeslot Formerly Occupied By Ellen And Oprah

As it turns out, contrary to what many may postulate, Kelly Clarkson is not aiming to succeed Ellen DeGeneres.

When it returns for its fourth season this autumn, The Kelly Clarkson Show will replace the long-running Ellen DeGeneres Show in the afternoon time period (3 p.m. in most regions). In spite of the fact that most people might find it intimidating to succeed a talk show veteran like DeGeneres, Clarkson recently told Variety that she is not aiming to fill those famous white sneakers.

“Nobody is going to fill Ellen’s shoes,” said Clarkson. “I hold the Oprahs and the Ellens in such high regard. Very few people can conquer what they conquered. My team is very stoked, and I believe in my team. But by no means am I filling anyone’s shoes — I don’t want that pressure.” She recognizes that the time slot is “coveted,” but she also sees it as “an opportunity to reach more people.”

When asked if she felt under any pressure to accept the role, Clarkson shared this nugget of talk show knowledge: “I remember Oprah had that spot forever. And then Ellen came in. And I think what’s helpful for me is that those two women are very different — how they did their shows was very different, how they connected with people was different, their humor was different.”

She went on to add, “To fill that slot doesn’t mean you have to do one thing — it’s important that we all stand out, and that we’re all different.”

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