Kess Of BBNaija Laments Getting Married To The Wrong Person

Kess, a former housemate from BBNaija 2022, broke his silence after his wife accused him of using domestic violence and having sex with Christy O, one of his colleagues. In a shared screenshot from WhatsApp, Kess’s wife, identified as Angel_baby_dee, admitted that her husband had been sleeping with Christy O while they were still a married couple.

The woman, who resides in the US, claims that Christy O is her husband’s sidechic while the two only pretend to be pals. In response to this, Kess said in a video posted to his official Instagram profile today, October 1, 2023, that she had chosen the wrong spouse by marrying her.

He calls his wife “a crazy, insure woman,” and he adds that she has accused him of having affairs with all the female BBN housemates. Kess said that she had used phony conversations to spread numerous lies about him and his “friend,” Christy O.

Kess and his wife had unfollowed one another on the photo and video-sharing website Instagram as of the time this information was provided. He also criticized his wife for taking N1.5 million out of his account.

He also stressed the potential harm such charges could have by expressing his amazement that his wife would make such accusations and damage his reputation as well as that of his female colleague in such a way.

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