Kevin Gates Credits “Telling the Truth” for Boosting His Immunity

During an appearance on the “I AM ATHLETE” podcast, rapper Kevin Gates recently shared some unexpected observations, suggesting that “telling the truth” had strengthened his immune system and kept him from being ill. Former NFL players Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy, and DeSean Jackson were among those who spoke with the Baton Rouge rapper.

When Gates was dishonest in the past, he experienced a clogged throat chakra, making him susceptible to ailments. He observed a big improvement in his health after he began speaking the truth and living truthfully. The podcast hosts were perplexed by the rapper’s odd words.

Before realizing his truth, Gates remembers feeling weak and regularly becoming ill. He emphasized the need of setting limits and being loyal to oneself in order to demonstrate self-love. The discussion then switched to a more personal topic for the athletic hosts: the difficulties that breadwinners encounter in their networks, particularly when it comes to saying “no” to friends or relatives.

The rapper emphasized the importance of being able to say “no,” revealing that he used to struggle with declining people’s demands. When people hear “no,” they frequently forget the times they were told “yes.”

Kevin Gates is not afraid to make bold claims. He previously stated that he could go three weeks without eating or drinking and that he enjoys drinking a woman’s pee even in non-sexual scenarios. During an interview on the “Fancy Talk Show,” Gates revealed these details.

In terms of his profession, the 36-year-old rapper remains focused on his music. Gates’ latest album, “The Luca Brasi Story (A Decade of Brasi),” was published in February, emphasizing his fascination with the mafia.

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