Kevin Hart And Fabolous Pull Up To Chris Brown’s Meet-And-Greet

Once again, the focus is on those Chris Brown meet and greets, but this time, Kevin Hart and Fabolous wanted to join in on the fun. Recently, photos from a meet & greet with Breezy became viral online as fans shared their pictures they took with the singer.

Fans posing with the hit-maker at the event didn’t draw all the attention, though; it was also alleged that Brown charged $1,000 per person to meet him in person. The amount was hotly contested online, dividing fans as some said they would have paid more and others criticized the singer for charging what they did.

Following Yung Bleu’s intervention to defend Brown, Hart and Fab made an appearance and cracked a few jokes. An Instagram video posted by the user FreshMadeIt showed Brown conducting his meet and greet before his famous buddies interrupted it.

When Hart entered with a few of his own “take the spotlight” postures, it appeared as though Brown was posing with a fan. Not to be outdone, Fabolous entered the frame and made sure he was captured in a few pictures as well as the laughter of spectators. Check out the fun moment below.

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