Keyshia Cole Admits To Being Cut Off From Eve After She Slapped Her Bag Snatcher

Keyshia Cole is catching a fade by trying to defend Eve against a bag snatcher.

Having enjoyed and milked an expansive career dating back to decades ago, into her Death Row era, Keyshia Cole has had her fair share of the industry ups and downs. The seesaw ride that is her personal life and professional career have been discussed and gossiped by fans, with blogs always reporting the bits they can.

But lately, she decided to sit with TV One for an insightful discussion, as she shares her personal highlights for herself and journey. Teasing the full episode of Keyshia Cole’s Uncensored this week, TV One has been dishing out clips that should whet appetites till the airing of the full episode.

In one of such teasers, Keyshia revealed that there was a time when Eve quit hanging with her after she had hit a random woman on their way out of a nightclub. “It was a thing that happened with Eve that, you know, we walkin’ out and somebody grabbed her bag or something like that,” said the singer.

“I just kinda turned around and slapped the girl,” Keyshia admitted. “I was like, ‘Girl, what is you doin’? Like, period. Back up.’ And Eve was really pissed off about that. Like, we stopped hanging out. She was like, ‘I can’t hang with Keyshia, she can’t be slapping people.'”

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