Keyshia Cole Restores Her Gap Teeth In Preparation For Her Role In An Upcoming Biopic

The famous gap teeth of Keyshia Cole has just made a comeback!

Keyshia Cole gained attention for having a distinctive gap in her teeth. When the gap was initially covered up with veneers, Keyshia suggested online back in February that she had intentions to reopen it. Keyshia engaged in fan interaction while on Instagram Live. She seemed to answer a question posed by a fan as to what she occupied herself with on her birthday.

She responded to the question, saying she didn’t do much save taking her son to a Magic Mountain which turns out to be an amusement park. When she was done with her reply to that enquiry, she showed off her newly widened gap, grinning broadly and brightly.

With this move, Keyshia stirred up the internet to a frenzy! Her new style, according to many of her internet followers, will make her new music “hit different.” Apparently, many of her fans are still holding out hope for new music in 2023, but the singer may have other plans.

K. Cole explained in an exclusive interview with The Shade Room that her gap has reappeared since she would be portraying herself in her upcoming biopic after the age of 25. Production on the film is set to begin next month set somewhere in Oakland, California.


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