Keyshia Cole Says Her Next Album Is Her Last & Explains Why

In May 2021 when Keyshia Cole made the announcement of her working on her last album, fans were indeed disappointed. The talented singer has many times proven her relevance in the industry, going hard for decades and serving us hits that have now become R&B classics.

And like other greats that have built a thrilling journey of a career under the spotlight, life came with its changes, shifting Keyshia’s priorities. Catching up with Essence, she laid it all on the table why she is deciding to take her final bow from the industry.

“For a second, I told myself I just [wasn’t] going to do music anymore,” she said. “But that was before my mom passed and then a lot more happened. I had already signed my deal that I have in place, so I have to fulfill that obligation. But not only that, after my mother passed it put a bunch of other things into perspective for me. So I decided to finish my obligation, to release this last album—the last one I plan to put out.”

Keyshia is the proud mom to two young boys and has been joggling both single parenting and her career, with some assistance from both of her baby fathers.

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