Killing Someone Is Not A Flex, In Kevin Gates’ Opinion

Due to his frequent sit-down interviews, Kevin Gates has recently become very popular. The father of two has been invited to have chats with a variety of podcast hosts, from The Breakfast Club to Caresha Please. Additionally, he participated on the DJ Akademiks-hosted program Off the Record. Gates discussed topics including infidelity and his purported healing abilities throughout the show, but he also shared his thoughts on murder.

“I do suffer from trauma,” he revealed to the music commentator, “Taking a life is very sacred. I hear people brag about killing, that’s not [a] good thing.” The 36-year-old added that once you witness a soul depart a body, you become aware that you have taken something from someone else that you are unable to return.

“A lot of dudes talk that, but they ain’t ever stood over nothing and watched it leave,” he added. Kevin asserted that people would behave more respectfully if they actually witnessed souls departing. “I know you dudes didn’t,” he declared, speculatively speaking.

“I can tell by your spirit. You ain’t got no souls under your belt. All killers know killers.” The Louisiana native then implied that genuine assassins actually have nothing to prove to anyone. View the complete video below.

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