Kim Kardashian Reacts To Kanye West’s Diss Track

Going ahead of the curve to prepare a response to a potentially diss track from Kanye West, celebrity business mogul, Kim Kardashian has expressed a relatively strong stand against any form of bullying from the rapper.

Kim, who had been alerted to the possibility of the upcoming diss track by her friend, expressed her reservations while appearing on Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians”.

Describing Kanye sarcastically as “very Classy”, initially expressed her disinterest in anything the rapper intended to achieve with the track. However, she later confessed the song is potentially hurtful both to her at the moment and to her kids when they grow up, as the songs would always be around once released.

Leaping to her sister’s defence, Khloe questioned Ye’s sanity amidst his decision to publicly diss the mother of his kids, saying it’s not a thing one would see from most men. Kim also apologised for the error she’s made in allowing Kanye to treat her family members poorly. She also scolded herself for protecting Kanye at the expense of her family members, promising never to allow such to happen again.

Kanye has been repeatedly caught in viral outbursts, especially on social media, against Kim and other members of the Kardashian family. Following his 24-hour suspension from Instagram, Kanye reportedly agreed to stop harassing Kim and her boyfriend. However, the rapper subsequently cancelled his performance at Coachella amid reports that he was “going away to get help.”

Kim’s latest defence of her family is coming in the wake of Caitlyn Jenner’s interview when she stressed that Kanye was difficult to live with while he was married to Kim. Although there is no overt reference to the song in question, there are reports that  the music could be Eazy”, a song where Kanye collaborated with The Game “Eazy” and threatened to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

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