Kim Kardashian Unveils A Collaboration With Beats By Dre Using Only Neutral Colors

Kim Kardashian continues to demonstrate that her career always comes first by announcing her latest collaboration with Beats by Dre on Tuesday, despite claims that she has been going through a “hard” time since splitting up with Pete Davidson, 28, on Tuesday (August 9).

The mother of four’s style has changed a great deal over the years, mainly due to Kanye West’s influence, and lately, she’s settled into a place where she wears a lot of neutral colors, which just so happens to be the inspiration for Beats x Kim.

In advertisements, Kardashian is pictured wearing a custom-made pair of light, bone-colored Fit Pro headphones. According to Page Six, the 41-year-old appears to have accessorized herself with SKIMS pieces in a related color, showing prospective customers that neutral headphones may still be fashionable.

“I wanted to break away from the idea that headphones have to be colorful to make a statement,” the reality star wrote in a statement. She acknowledged on her Instagram Story that she was “not really vibing” with the trendy, vibrant headphone selections that are widely used. “I wanted these to really blend in a little bit more.”

On August 16th, the Beats x Kim collection will be offered for sale on the Apple website. The price of headphones is $199.99, and they are available in three different colors: Moon (light cream), Dune (dark tan), and Earth (rich cocoa brown).

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