Kirk Franklin’s Son Shocking Phone Call From Behind Bars, Soliciting For Estranged Father’s Help

Grammy Award-winning Gospel singer Kirk Franklin’s son Kerrion is soliciting for help from his estranged father from behind bars where he’s being kept, claiming he was arrested unlawfully and in dire need of a lawyer to enable him get out.

On Monday, the Bad Boys Club: Los Angeles star had a conversation with radio host, Larry Reid, from jail. Speaking from the Los Angeles County jail, he described the conditions as “not cool.” According to a previous report from Radar, Kerrion was cuffed and taken in on Sunday morning while taking a drive around Beverly Hills. He was taken into custody and is now being held on “no bond.”

Kerrion said he had been in talks with his pastor over the past couple of weeks about “different things going on” around him. He also said he suspects that he’s actually being “set up.” Kirk’s son had accusations for the police, claiming they are trying to add extra charges after he had already been booked.

The host again tried to find out from Kerrion why he got pulled over in the first place, but he kind of glossed over the question to talk about how, over the past few years, he had owned multiple cars. Repeatedly he stated he worked in “the entertainment industry” and was a filmmaker.

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