Korede Bello Discusses His Decision To Switch From Music To Mass Communication

Oluwakorede Bello, a well-known Nigerian musician and songwriter, has explained why he gave up his lucrative music career to seek a degree in mass communication. When the globally popular smash song “Dorobucci” was released in 2014, Korede, who is best known for his hit tune “Godwin,” a semi-gospel/pop song that topped numerous music charts across Nigeria, got a record deal with Mavin Records.

But when his popularity was at its peak, the singer went back to school to get his degree in mass communication. The singer discussed his choice to give up his music career to pursue a degree in mass communication in a recent interview with The New Telegraph. He also talked about how he has managed the mental health challenges that come with working in the entertainment industry.

“I love education, not so much traditional education, but I love to learn how the world works and how the human mind operates. So getting a degree in Mass Communication seemed congruent with my profession,” said Bello.

He went on to say that writing a headline is comparable to writing a chorus in that both need to be memorable and elicit an emotional response. He claimed that news and music are both forms of emotional communication. So, he remarked, learning about one’s passion is a wonderful thing. He went on to say that he had noticed that even the most famous or wealthy person on planet could be internally sad or dissatisfied.

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