Korede Bello Enjoys A Romantic Evening With A Nigerian Woman

Pretty young Nigerian woman Mimi had an excellent Valentine’s Day this year as she celebrated with renowned musician Korede Bello. Popular songs like “Godwin” and “Romantic” made the gifted Nigerian singer and songwriter famous. Mimi had the good fortune to meet the celebrity on this memorable day and even hang out with him for the day.

Mimi enthusiastically posted pictures and sounds from her encounter with the music artist on her social media profile as she announced her fantastic day. The lucky fan got to go on a date with Korede to a five-star hotel, and to top it all off; she even got to meet renowned actor Richard Mofe Damijo. When Korede Bello took the stage at the venue and started singing a song he had specially dedicated to this lucky fan, the romantic day was elevated a notch or two.

The singer then urged Mimi to approach the podium, welcome the audience, and take the rose flower Korede had picked out for her, which matched her figure-hugging red gown. Then, in front of everyone, a few beautiful words praised her beauty. Later, Korede Bello talked with Mimi in private for some time before they parted ways. Look below for the cute footage from the memorial date

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