Korra Obidi Claims She Will “Dress Normal” Only If She Is Paid Well

Korra Obidi, a polarizing dancer and singer, has adamantly declared that she cannot dress conventionally. The mother of two said this in response to a critique on Instagram that accused her of displaying too much skin too often. In honor of the music video for her song “Big Korra,” which has received 5 million views across all platforms, Korra Obidi revealed a portion of it.

An Instagram user going by the handle asked Korra if she couldn’t dress usually and stop baring her body because of her attire in the video. The dancer responded by saying she couldn’t dress appropriately. She continued by outlining the one circumstance that might lead her to change her mind. The singer said she might consider toning it down if she got adequate payment.

Korra Obidi Claims She Will &Quot;Dress Normal&Quot; Only If She Is Paid Well, Yours Truly, News, March 2, 2024

Korra also attracted attention and major criticism not long ago after she put out the visual to her single “Toxic Love,” which featured American actor Agustin Seco. Their sultry scenes in the music video had social media talking, with many dragging her and her craft. However, it appears she does not care about public opinion; if anything, she lives for it and wouldn’t consider backpedaling after all this media attention. And, who knows, she might have even gained some fans through all this.

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