Kosovo Honors Singer, Dua Lipa As Its Ambassador

The 26-year-old Grammy and Billboard award-winning singer Dua Lipa shared on social media on Saturday that Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani has given her the distinguished status of “honorary ambassador to Kosovo.”

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to represent my country all over the world and to continue my work and efforts globally to see that we leave our mark and make a difference,” wrote Lipa on Instagram. “The youth of Kosovo deserves the right to visa liberalization, freedom to travel and to dream big. Thank you.”

Dua Lipa traveled to Kosovo to do a performance at the Sunny Hill Festival in Pristina, the country’s capital. Osmani also acknowledged Dukagjin Lipa, Dua’s father, as the festival’s creator.

“Today, I gave the title of Honorary Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to Dua Lipa, because she continues to honor our country in every step and every appearance,” wrote the president on her social media. “I thanked her, on behalf of all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, for everything she has done and is making our voice heard everywhere in the world.”

Albanian immigrants from Kosovo to England gave birth to Dua Lipa. She became a source of pride for her nation after using her popular songs to make her name recognized throughout the entire world.

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