KSUBI Unveils Its “999 Club” Collection Inspired By Juice WRLD

KSUBI, an Australian denim and streetwear brand, has just debuted their “999 Club” line in memory of Juice WRLD, a late rapper and songwriter. The two have long been linked because the late rapper frequently mentions the company in his songs and freestyles while also embodying the “Creative Outsider” philosophy of KSUBI.

The 999 Club of Juice WRLD, a foundation that works to honor and carry on the late rapper’s legacy through posthumous music releases and merchandise, also lends its name to the collection. The eight-piece capsule collection includes a majority of KSUBI’s characteristic denim as well as every day clothes like hoodies and T-shirts.

The lineup from “999 Club” is adorned with numerous scribbles of skulls, thorned hearts, graffiti calligraphy, co-branding, and the occasional dab of paint, all of which were inspired by Juice WRLD’S propensity of decorating his denim with doodles. While Steve Cannon photographed the campaign video, photographer Neriyah captured the “999 Club” lookbook.

Juice WRLD’s regular collaborators, including rapper Trippie Redd, producer Haan, skater Boo Johnson, actress Jessica Belkin, artist Skye Morales, model Ashley Got, and up-and-coming artist ZZZ, all serve as the faces of the collection. Soon, customers will be able to purchase the collection through KSUBI, the 999 Club website, and a few more merchants.

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