KWAM 1 And 9ice Honor Tinubu’s Success With A New, Vibrant Fuji Song

A new triumph song for president-elect Bola Tinubu has been released by well-known Fuji maestro KWAM 1 and singer 9ice. “Balabluee to the seat of power,” the song’s title, honors Tinubu’s election as Nigeria’s next president. The song has a few lyrical nuances, with 9ice singing about Tinubu’s capacity to drive his rivals to submission and urging Nigerians to accept him as their new leader.

The viewing public has reacted differently to the video, which combines live instrumentation, chanting, and contemporary techno sounds. While many have applauded KWAM 1 and 9ice for their originality and ability to create a joyful song for Tinubu, others have criticized them for praising a leader accused of corruption.

“Let the message flow, New Era is here,” K1 captioned the video session of the song “Balabluee to the seat of power” that he performed with 9ice and posted to his Instagram page. After Bola Tinubu’s victory in the just concluded 2023 presidential election, the song “Balabluee to the seat of power” was released. Let the message flow, New Era is here, KWAM wrote in the caption after posting the video to his Instagram page.

This will not surprise many because the two indigenous musicians publicly declared their support for Tinubu even before the presidential elections.

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