KXNG CROOKED Opens Up On Slaughterhouse Drama, And Joe Budden’s Role In Ruining Lucrative Deal

From the looks of it, a Slaughterhouse reunion may not be happening any time soon, as a longstanding online feud has been existent between members. However, Joell Ortiz and KXNG CROOKED decided to come together to work on the “Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse”, an album that was released without fellow members Royce Da 5’9″ and Joe Budden. And of course, it certainly did not sit well with the latter two.

But later on, Crook properly broke down the reason why Budden was to blame for killing the group’s chance at salvation.

“I’ve been talking about my life in the booth since I was eight,” said KXNG CROOKED. “This is a part and a chapter of my life. So, I got all rights to talk about my life. If they don’t like it, I can’t be mad at that. I ain’t mad at that. Nobody is going to tell me I have to ask for permission to talk about my life. Musically.”

“This is what I do, this is my therapy,” he added, before suggesting that Budden was the pivotal cause for their losing out on a mouthwatering deal. “This is over. I brought a situation to the table, I gave it one last shot. I didn’t even…maybe my laws of attraction, maybe I was so in doubt that it would happen that I was putting out the wrong frequency. But I was like, one more time, here’s a great deal fellas, we can put the music out, it can come out through a system that has nothing to do with the Universal system because that’s where all the people who were opposing Joe were, they were in the Universal system.”

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