L.A.X Details Deal With Wizkid’s Starboy Records & The Role His Father Player

Nigerian Singer L.A.X Sheds Light on Partnership with Wizkid's Starboy Entertainment and the Role of His Father

Nigerian Singer L.A.X Sheds Light on Partnership with Wizkid’s Starboy Entertainment and the Role of His Father

Nigerian artist L.A.X has recently provided intriguing insights into his time at Wizkid’s record label, Starboy Entertainment, and the significant role his father played in shaping their relationship. The singer’s comments challenge common perceptions about his association with the label, revealing that it was more of a partnership than a traditional record label arrangement.

During an appearance on the Echo Room audiovisual podcast hosted by Quincy Jonze, L.A.X recounted how he had taken his contract to his billionaire father for review. His father astutely suggested that both L.A.X and Wizkid would benefit more from a partnership structure. This approach allowed L.A.X the creative freedom to pursue his artistic vision while also providing financial support for marketing and promotion.

L.A.X explained that his father generously provided the funds, which Wizkid then effectively used to promote the emerging artist’s career. This unique partnership ultimately enabled L.A.X to establish himself in the Nigerian music industry and forge a fruitful relationship with the Grammy-winning singer Wizkid.

The initial introduction between L.A.X and Wizkid was facilitated by Toyin Lawani, who had been impressed by L.A.X’s music and saw potential for collaboration. The following partnership proved to be a powerful combination of creative talent and strategic financial investment.

During the podcast interview, L.A.X emphasized money’s crucial role in music promotion, expressing gratitude for his father’s financial backing. This support and Wizkid’s industry expertise created a dynamic partnership that has left a lasting impact on L.A.X’s career.

As the Nigerian music scene continues to evolve and grow, the unconventional partnership between L.A.X and Wizkid’s Starboy Entertainment highlights the potential for innovative collaborations within the industry. By harnessing the strengths of both parties and fostering an atmosphere of mutual support, L.A.X and Wizkid have demonstrated the value of embracing new ways of working together in the pursuit of creative and commercial success.

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