Lagos Government Shuts Events Venue After Patron’s Electrocution

The Lagos State Government has shut down a Fun seeker electrocuted, Lagos shuts event venue. The order to shut down the place was issued yesterday, Monday, December 26, after a patron was electrocuted.

Lanre Mojola, the Director-General of the Lagos State Safety Commission, visited the location alongside the Lagos State Task Force team and gave some detail about the closure of the centre. He noted that the closure was vital to prevent further exposure of attendees at the venue to accidents which could lead to injuries or death.

Commenting further, he claimed that the commission has had several meetings with the owner of the place, Ezekiel Adamu, at the outset when the Wonderland was under construction. He said Adamu failed to implement the safety measures prescribed by the commission at the outset.

Given the infractions and the recent fatality at the Wonderland, Mojola noted that it had become vital to shut down the place to prevent exposing members of the public to more dangers.

The name of the person who died at the Wonderland has not been given, and investigations are ongoing. It remains to be seen what the outcome of the investigation will be and how soon the place will be reopened – if at all

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