Larsa Pippen’s Sex Revelation Provokes Hilarious Response From Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe showed once again that he is not called one of the funniest men on television for nothing. He dropped a clipper on Twitter that had many tweeps roaring with laughter.

We all know Larsa Pippen and Scottie Pippen are no lobger an item. After a longish while together, the couple had gone their separate ways, reportedly with new lovers. But, as should be expected, memories of their time together still prevail.

Larsa Pippen gave an insight into their sex life recently when she noted that for the 23 years she was married to Scottie, the two had sex four times a night – pretty impressive, according to those conversant with her revelation.

The daily Loud had carried the story with a “staring eyes” emoji to indicate it was one experience worth a write indeed.

Shannon went deeper with his one take, noting that the rate at which the former couple had sex was probably the reason Scottie has had back problems throughout his career, He ended with a joke that his back hurts from reading her revelation about her sex life with Scottie. You can check it out below.

Larsa Pippen’s Sex Revelation Provokes Hilarious Response From Shannon Sharpe, Yours Truly, News, December 11, 2023

Would Scottie share his own side of the story? That would be interesting to hear.

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