“Last Last” – Burna Boy Says Toni Braxton Gets 60% Cut For Her Sampled Song

Nigerian singer Burna Boy has just revealed that Toni Braxton had a 60 per cent cut from the royalties of his song “Last Last,” which is part of his latest album, “Love, Damini.”

For the “Last Last” track, the songster, who has often been compared to Fela, sampled Toni Braxton’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough.” (Released 2020).

The “African Giant” had delved into the making of the song during a recent interview with Wallo267 and Gillie Da King. He noted that he’s always wanted to sample the hit, and when he had the opportunity, he grabbed it with both hands. His producer, Chopsticks, had turned it into something deserving of the fire emoji.

Sampling itself isn’t bad. But how one goes about it determines a lot. For example, some musicians have lost the right to songs because they sampled without permission. Burna Boy avoided that pitfall, offering a generous 60 per cent to Toni Braxton, It’s a win-win for both musicians, and Burna Boy himself wouldn’t mind the American singer joining him on stage someday.

Hopefully, that happens soon. A duet by them might turn out to be the closest thing we might have to the fire emoji. And when that happens, you can count on us to bring you the sauce.

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