Latto Slams Adam22 For Sharing Omegle Footage Of Her

The drama for Latto lately never ends. Only two months into 2023, and the musician, who was born in Ohio, is already embroiled in a number of online fights. Social media is clearly becoming a cause of worry for her after she encountered criticism for collaborating with tainted producer Dr. Luke on her first single of the year and is now being exposed for using Omegle by Adam22. Latto, thankfully, has a very thick skin that will help her get over her difficulties.

The No Jumper creator shared a TikTok video of the 777 rapper using the contentious platform over the weekend. She and a companion were conversing with an Indian man on Omegle rather than engaging in adult behavior. Latto asks their online acquaintance in the video if he has an Instagram account, but it’s clear that the friend doesn’t know her renowned face.

The man realizes he’s speaking to a celebrity once she spells out her username for him. Near the end of the TikTok, he gasps, “Are you kidding me?!,” which causes Latto, her buddy, and a large number of viewers to chuckle. The post has been widely shared on social media, and Adam22 was also interested in it. In response to No Jumper’s tweet, the rapper opened fire on the media personality.

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