Lauren Spencer Smith To Release “Mirror,” First Studio Album

Release via Island Records/Republic Records is scheduled for July 14

Lauren Spencer Smith, a multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter, today releases her much-awaited first album, Mirror, which will be released on July 14 by Island Records/Republic Records. Mirror is a collection of 15 sincere, contemplative songs depicting life’s emotional ups and downs. The significance behind the term, Mirror deeply moves Spencer Smith.  She expressed how she spent years creating this record, and how it has been with her through various successful and difficult life experiences. She says Its significance is immeasurable and offers a tale of introspection, recovery, and personal development.

The Album follows the path of going through a terrible breakup and ends with a happier, healthier relationship. The title is a tribute to her bedroom and bathroom mirrors, who have watched every emotion she experienced thus far.

Over 1 billion streams of the album’s songs have already been made, making a significant impact. When “Best Friend Breakup” was released in 2023, it struck a chord with listeners and filled a creative void. The most recent hit, “Fantasy,” produced with GAYLE and Em Beihold, examines unhealthy relationships. Smith views her colleagues as the pals she’s always desired because she was raised in a small town without a musical culture. Their chemistry is clear in both the song and the music video.

By the time she was 19, Lauren had written the platinum-certified singles “Fingers Crossed” and “Flowers,” both of which were hits. These songs showcase her distinctive musical voice.  She expressed her motivation to write is a lack of access to such songs during her troubled time. She feels her writing experiences will benefit others.Lauren Spencer Smith To Release &Quot;Mirror,&Quot; First Studio Album, Yours Truly, News, September 23, 2023

Although it draws on personal experiences, Lauren Spencer Smith’s music appeals to a wide audience. Her songs frequently communicate sadness, but they also go deep in terms of processing, examining, and contemplation.

After achieving over 1 billion global streams through resonant singles, Lauren Spencer Smith is eager to share more of herself. Her upcoming debut album, Mirror, promises depth, range, and narrative.


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