Legendary: Pasuma Returns With New Hit Single, ‘Dupe’

Veteran Fuji artist Pasuma is back with the electrifying new track Dupe. The song showcases Pasuma’s ability to produce big Afropop tunes throughout a remarkable career that has lasted more than 20 years.

Legendary: Pasuma Returns With New Hit Single, 'Dupe', Yours Truly, News, February 26, 2024
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The 2 minutes 33 seconds tracks released under the Wasbar Records label show the veteran displaying coming-of-age versatility as he delivers sublimely with experience and grace.

With a punchy beat and his Fuji approach, Pasuma creates an exhilarating track that shows thanks for his numerous gifts.

The song art has the legendary Pasuma in a state of gratitude as his hands, adorned with diamond rings and a watch, are enclosed in a “Thank you” manner, while a Church crucifix can be seen behind him. Over his Head, Is a Halo that probably signifies how blessed he feels. He also tends to remind the general public of his longevity in the game, as there are tints of greys in his hair.

Pasuma Wonder has been in the industry for decades as he has always remained among the top names in the Fuji genre of African Music. Adding the Pop-feel to his Fuji style will see Pasuma adapt to the trend of Music most musically inclined individuals are gravitating more towards in this region of Africa.

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