Lifesize Teddy Taps Major AJ For Her New Single, “Selina”

Lifesize Teddy, a rapper, poet, and singer-songwriter, just dropped a new song called “Selina” featuring Major AJ.

Produced by the GRAMMY-nominated Sparrq, “Selina” is an Afrobeats song with a hip-hop influence that effortlessly succeeds in setting the mood for the start of summer. A demonstration of Lifesize Teddy’s versatility, the song features the musician seamlessly fusing soulful singing with razor-sharp rapping.

Beneath the song’s casual and cheerful vibe lies a love ballad filled with resentment. The problem that arises when you fall in love with someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions is depicted in “Selina.” The title of the song is derived from a local vernacular from Port Harcourt, where Lifesize Teddy was born, that denotes a “talisman” or “good luck charm.”

The music features Nigerian Afro-fusion artist Major AJ, whose organic chemistry with Lifesize Teddy creates a gloriously epic duet. ‘Selina’ is Lifesize Teddy’s first new music since her second EP, ‘POISN’, which featured noteworthy tracks ‘Unbeliever’, ‘BBA’, and ‘Blessed’.

The EP received mixed reviews when it was released. Trading the high-energy and often aggressive tone of her debut EP, ‘POISN’ delved into everything from sadness, sexuality, happiness, her deepest convictions, and the remarkable reflections that have come with her increased fame in the last year.

Check out the soothing new single below:

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