Lil Baby Documentary Reviewed By Irv Gotti: “Free Young Thug”

“Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby,” a documentary about the rapper, continues to enjoy increasing recognition. Lil Baby has gained a number of new followers as a result of the Amazon Prime movie, while also satisfying the needs of his devoted fan base. After seeing the critically acclaimed life narrative of the Atlanta rapper, Irv Gotti recently expressed his affection for him.

The Murder Inc. CEO praised Lil Baby in a lengthy caption that accompanied a clip from the rapper’s documentary that he posted to his Instagram page.

“My sons told me I need to watch this @lilbaby Doc. So I’m watching it. And I get compelled to post.” Irv went on, “1. I love seeing ni***as come from nothing. And take care of they families. I already fucked with Lil Baby. But now it’s through the roof. And 2. WHY THE F*** IS @thuggerthugger1 IN PRISON.”

The 52-year-old producer continued to advocate for the release of Thugger, saying, “This man motivated Lil Baby. He seen the star in him before Lil Baby did. And held him down. FREE YOUNG THUG. FREE YOUNG THUG. FREE YOUNG THUG. For real.”

Jay-Z recently praised the CEO for unleashing the best in his artists, and Gotti’s post follows that.

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