Lil Baby Is Criticized On Social Media For Wearing Blood Diamond Earrings And “Contributing To Child Slavery”

Most recently, Lil Baby brought to the world’s attention the fact that his jewelry is not manufactured by human hands but rather comes from the contentious African mines where numerous youngsters routinely engage in slavery. On his Instagram Stories on Monday (March 20), the father of two displayed his flashy, enormous earrings.

“These ain’t lab diamonds,” he informed spectators, setting himself apart from the rest. “My shit out the mud, these real stones.”

Baby continued to record, displaying more of his ostentatious attire. He finished off his ensemble by wearing the brand-new Nike Air Force 1 Low “Tiffany” colorway on his feet and adding more silver jewelry to his wrist and neck.

While some in DJ Akademiks’ comment section expressed inspiration by Baby’s massive flex, others expressed dissatisfaction with the My Turn rapper’s video. It is clear that the general population is underwhelmed. But, Lil Yachty, another rap icon, posted what appeared to be a supportive note regarding his friend’s international treasures. “On God!!!” wrote the former SoundCloud sensation.

Another IG user compared Lil Baby’s gems to those created by humans, but ultimately came to the same conclusion that both were genuine diamonds. This was stated elsewhere in the comments. Whatever is said, Baby will not stop shimmering.

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