Lil Baby Prevents Fans From Entering The Backstage Area

Lil Baby has been active. This year, the Atlanta rapper has released a ton of tracks, such as “Frozen,” “In A Minute,” and “Right On.” Additionally, he just had a performance at Rolling Loud Miami, and DJ Khaled recently revealed a new song from his upcoming album God Did.

It makes sense that fans would want to interact with him given how successful he has been. Crowds tried to stream backstage at Rolling Loud, but the rapper himself stopped them and individually screened each person attempting to pass him.

In the footage posted to Instagram, Lil Baby pushes those who are trying to slip past him back physically as the security guard standing next to him repeats, “He ain’t with you, now. He ain’t with you.” The reasons given by some persons for entering were fairly weak. One fan replied, “Rolling Loud,” when Lil Baby inquired about his group. This obviously did not deceive the rapper.

Lil Baby eventually allowed a few people he knew inside before leaving. The guard was then left on his own to control the crowds while shouting, “Nobody else “No, no, no!”” Sure seemed like a miserable job. See things for yourself in the clip below.

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