Lil Baby Sports A Similar Outfit Worn By Saucy Santana, Who Has Accused Kodak Black Of Stealing His Song

Thanks to The Shaderoom, a photo of Lil Baby sporting the same attire as Saucy Santana has surfaced online. The media source posted a photo grid of Lil Baby, Saucy Santana, and Kodak Black wearing what appeared to be the same clothing, which had a furry design and similar color patterns.

But before this recent Instagram post, Saucy had claimed that Kodak Black had stolen his song “Walk.” Saucy Santana seems to be making a reference to his 2021 song “Walk,” which was released in June. A song called “Spin” by Kodak Black was released last month. In the chorus of both songs, the word “walk” is repeated numerous times.

“Uh, yeah, ho, yeah, I know that you can talk/You talkin’ all that shit, but let me see if you walk/Uh, let me see you walk (Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk),” raps Saucy on his song.

However, Kodak’s version, produced by Tye Beats, finds him rhyming, “Walkin’ and slidin’ and steppin’ and spinnin’/And standin’ on bitches and standin’ on business/Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk,” on his chorus.

The concept of both videos is a model runway, and people have noted the parallels on social media, with some claiming that Saucy’s version is for the “gworlz” while Yak’s version is for the “gang.”

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