Lil Durk Lookalike Has Fans Fooled, Mobbed By Crowd While Leaving Mall

For celebrated entertainers, their lookalikes or doppelgangers seem to benefit off the success and stardom of the big guns they resemble. So has been the recent case with Lil Durk whose lookalike surfaced online and started making waves, gaining some major clout in the process.

We had earlier reported about Durkio’s doppelganger, who goes by the name “Shmurkioo_” on Instagram, that has been catching some social media buzz after a new video he put up went viral. He was simply just chilling with his girl in the clip, having a good time on a date whilst vibing to Lil Durk’s record that was playing in the background.

This lookalike who also happens to be a popular TikToker is again making the rounds after some Durk fans spotted him at a mall yesterday. It was a legit riot at the scene until Shmurkioo got escorted out of the vicinity by his entourage. It has now become very evident that Lil Durk fans are still getting a hard time telling the real from the fake.

There has also been a similar case like this for Drake, where his lookalike even went as far as booking club appearances from city to city. The 6 god didn’t seem to be bothered about it one bit, though. Hopefully the same applies to Durk.

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