Lil Durk Reveals Tracklist For “7220”, And Gets Candid Advice From Wallo To Let Brother’s Killer Go Forgiven

Chicago rapper, Lil Durk, is seriously gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, 7220. And with the building anticipation, Durkio met up with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast to set the record straight. Wallo and Gillie the Kid, hosts of the podcast, are the pair to always entertain and crack jokes, but in the upcoming episode with Durk, things took quite the solemn turn.

Wallo touched on his brother’s murder and garnering the strength to forgive in a bid to help put an end to the thuggery and violence, which is a thing Durk has become very familiar with after his brother, Dontay Banks, was shot outside a nightclub last summer.

“I can name twenty or thirty n*ggas of my homies that’s dead, but I’m here though,” said Wallo. “I forgave my brother’s killer. I had to let that sh*t go. When I let that sh*t go, I started to grow and I started to glow. It was harder than a motherf*cka.”

Moving away from that soulful moment with Wallo, Durk’s name had cause to pop up on the trends again after he officially unveiled the tracklist for 7220, which features country star, Morgan Wallen, alongside Future, Gunna, and Summer Walker. Check out the tracklist below.


1. Started From

2. Headtaps

3. Ahhh Ha

4. Shootout @ My Crib

5. Golden Child

6. No Interviews

7. Petty Too ft. Future

8. Barbarian

9. What Happened to Virgil ft. Gunna

10. Grow Up / Keep It On Speaker

11. Smoking & Thinking

12. Blocklist

13. Difference Is ft. Summer Walker

14. Federal Nightmares

15. Love Dior Banks

16. Pissed Me Off

17. Broadway Girls ft. Morgan Wallen

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