Lil Wayne Opens His Home To Skip Bayless & Wife Notwithstanding LeBron James Hate

Sports media personality, Skip Bayless, and rap legend, Lil Wayne, certainly have one of the more unassuming friendships in the entertainment industry. Still enjoying his vacation from hosting FOX Sports’ Undisputed, Skip and wife decided to go hang with Weezy for a night at his Los Angeles mansion.

“Ernestine and I drove out to visit our friend Lil Wayne,” Bayless wrote on Instagram post on Sunday, February 27th. “Great time, lotta laughs, talking sports, music and life. Ernestine took this and didn’t quite get the LeBrons I was wearing just for Laker fanatic Wayne. (OK, I was being a little sarcastic since his squad is five under .500)”.

While Lil Wayne’s Los Angeles Lakers continue their great struggles, Skip Bayless tries to tear LeBron James down with words, as the team was blown out by the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday night in alarming fashion, despite James pouring in 32 points.

Lil Wayne Opens His Home To Skip Bayless &Amp; Wife Notwithstanding Lebron James Hate, Yours Truly, News, June 14, 2024

Skip, or “Drip Bayless”, as Wayne would rather call him, went ahead to put up more photos of him and his wife hanging with the Cash Money rapper and his friend Scoob. Chances are they may have actually been taping a segment for Undisputed, because Skip teased in an Instagram caption about recording a part of their conversation.

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