Lil Yachty Won’t Be Using “Disgusting” Broccoli In His New Frozen Pizza Brand

Lil Yachty is starting a business out of his fascination with pizza.

The Grammy-nominated rapper and businessman Yachty’s Pizzeria is collaborating with Deep Cuts (by Universal Music Group for Brands) and Richelieu Foods to introduce a premium frozen pizza brand called Yachty’s Pizzeria. He recently spoke with PEOPLE about the project.

Lil Yachty Won'T Be Using &Quot;Disgusting&Quot; Broccoli In His New Frozen Pizza Brand, Yours Truly, News, April 15, 2024
Yachty&Rsquo;S Pizzeria. Courtesy Deep Cuts

Yachty, 25, and his friends taste-tested the four flavors of Yachty’s Pizzeria, which will be exclusively sold in Walmart stores across the country beginning on September 6. They are Buffalo Style Chicken, Hot Honey Cheese, Pepperoni & Bacon, and Veggie Supreme, and each has a cheddar cheese seasoned crust.

The “Broccoli” performer’s lifelong love of pizza, which he has previously claimed to have consumed “every day” starting around the time he was in second grade, served as the inspiration for the brand’s inception. On Aug. 23, just after turning 25 years old, Yachty spoke with PEOPLE about developing the frozen pizza brand, his future aspirations for his pizza business, upcoming music, and his budding acting career.

“I’ve been pushing to make it a part of my brand since the beginning of my career. I recently got some new management that was able to really push and make it happen. It couldn’t have happened at a better time…,” revealed the rapper.

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